Vision & Mission

The mission of Information Technology in the University of Information Technology and Sciences is to enable the University to enhance its overall quality, extend access to its programs and services, and improve its operational effectiveness and efficiency.

Department of Information Technology is the heart of the Technology that has the direct contribution in today’s state of the Art technology in the world. To serve the nation and international arena, UITS contribute to Department of Information Technology with the modern and high configured Lab to develop the Faculty members and the Students in searching new innovation to extend the existing Technology.

Program Objectives

Department of Information Technology was established in 2003 with the goal to enrich the educational experience of students by enhancing the quality of learning, access to learning, student services, and student engagement in the University community as well as to provide an environment that enables leading-edge scholarship and research by the faculty and students.

After 4 years of Graduation, the graduates of the IT program will:
  • Indentified and exploited opportunities to contribute in information technology and Computer Sciences areas.
  • Be able to continue their study in Post Graduation or professional degrees within Country or abroad.
  • Contributes to profession and society.


  • Bachelor of Science in Information Technology
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